goofy guineas
a comical guinea pig colouring book.

Calling all guinea pig lovers, young and old. ‘Goofy Guineas’ is a colouring book featuring over thirty comical guinea pig illustrations. Created by proudly-obsessed guinea pig lover and designer, Charlotte Thornes, ‘Goofy Guineas’ introduces the world to the likes of #elpiggo, #costadelpig and #notoriouspig – as well as a host of other quirky guinea pigs who are begging for a touch of colour!

It’s an activity book for both kids and adults, to bring these wholly-unique characters to life and celebrate everything there is to love about crazy cavies. Each goofy guinea has their own identity so you can hashtag and share your masterpiece, from #pigosaurus the dinosaur pig, to #countpigula the vampire guinea.


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A lot of fun for kids and grown ups! Wonderful book, absolutely adored by my toddler. She loves the drawings and is learning about colouring, patterns and guinea pigs. She discovers something new in the drawings every time. Good chuckle for adults too. I find myself wanting to complete the intricate and clever illustrations while my daughter’s not looking. It’s a premium colouring book, and worth it.
A hilarious, cute and fantastic Guinea Pig colouring book, there are no repeated images, the paper is smooth and so far my pens have not bled through to the other page. These “Goofy Guinea Pigs” are drawn with great attention to detail and they use excellent quality materials. The packaging was beautiful and you can tell that the seller has great pride in their work. The seller was extremely helpful and kind throughout the transaction which made the whole experience quick, simple and hassle free. I would recommend this seller and I would buy from them again – A*.
A guinea pig lover must have!! This is genuinely the best £7 ive ever spent!! I have 2 guinea pigs and wanted a colouring book for my holidays to use on the plane so this was absolutely perfect, im actually a bit disappointed it took me this long to find it. The picture’s are excellent quality and the different scenarios make me laugh with every page – it makes me wanna re-enact them with my own pigs! Definitely recommend and cant wait to get started on it. I’ll probably buy another one for next year after i finish this one.
Such a brilliant colouring book! I bought this for my daughter as she’s crazy about guinea pigs but in fact I’ve enjoyed it just as much as her! Fun, original ideas with brilliant detail. Can’t recommend this highly enough!
Super stinkin cute book! It came very qweekly :p. But seriously, it has nice paper and is a good sized smaller book to take along with you. The images are too adorable, they are quirky life-like guineas in hilarious costume. Love it!
goofy guineas

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Free images

  • NHS Heroes
  • Norman the surfer pig
  • Andy the Vigilante
  • The Duncan Sailor
  • Earlieswirlie Witchie Woo
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